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Photos by David Gubernick. Additional Photos: Patrice Ward and Stephen Copeland


Hello, both myself, Stephen D Copeland, and Lesli Guggenheim as co-owners of Big Sur Guides and Hiking wish to welcome you to our site… If you are interested in a guided hike into the wilderness of Big Sur..and would like some information regarding the different tours that are offered ..click on Tours…If you are interested in seeing the Travel Channel Video on Big Sur and Big Sur Guides; or the CBS show Eye on the Bay..both are available by clicking on Media; If you are interested in what other people who have taken these guided hikes think about the experience, click on Kudos; and if you are lost in Big Sur, or need directions of any kind, click on Directions…and please if you are just sitting around and want to experience the spirit of Big Sur, just look at the slideshow on the page you are on now.

We lead a guided hike into the beautiful Big Sur Wilderness…every single day..leaving from the lobby of the Ventana Inn & Spa at 11:30. Costs are $75.00 dollars per person. Picnic lunch available for an addition $20.00 per person. All hikes are 2 1/2 to 3 hours in duration…For reservations call 831-594-1742.


Big Sur Guides and Hiking is proud to announce that we are now able to offer HELICOPTER TOURS OF BIG SUR AND THE MONTEREY PENINSULA Click HERE for more info.

For the same high quality hikes on OAHU please visit our sister site Hawaii Guides and Hiking
For the same high quality hikes in Monterey please visit our sister site montereypeninsulaguides.com


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