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Every morning at 10 am, we are happy to provide a guided hike on a coastal trail originating from the Hyatt Carmel Highlands. Enjoy the spectacular views of landscape and wildlife, specifically grey and humpback whales during their migrations up and down the coast. Reservations are required by calling 831-594-1742 or booking online as provided on this site.


Big Sur Guides and Hiking and Montery Peninsula Guides and Hiking are proud to announce that we are now able to offer helicopter tours of the Big Sur and Monterey area.



Come with us for an experience unlike any other…pods of dolphins following California Grey Whales during their migration…or maybe it’s the largest mammal on earth, the 100 foot long Blue Whale that you will get to follow..or maybe on your day there will be Orcas in the water……you will feel like you are gliding through the sky in a glass bubble..and if you are a golfer…seeing number 15 and 16 at Cypress Point or 18 at Pebble Beach from the air will be unforgettable …..20 minutes, $200.00 per person.




For those of us who have cherished this place called Big Sur..This tour is for you…It offers a perspective that satisfies all of our senses …visually this experience will leave you speechless…in my 40 yeas of offering hiking tours of Big Sur I have to say I have never experienced the “Awe of Big Sur” so profoundly while riding in a helicopter….Whales spouting below you…looking down at Pico Blanco…incredible views of the Ventana Wilderness…This is a gentle experience..not to be feared…similar to riding on a magic carpet..One Hour experience…44 min, $390.00 per person. All Helicopter Tours are provided by Specialized Helicopters in both Monterey and Watsonville. See for some more information and available tours.


Families seeking the perfect mix of adventure and exercise can strap on those boots and binoculars for a family outing certain to excite the whole family. Kids go free on this hike! It combines an easy excursion through the redwood forest and along the spectacular Pacific shoreline in search of lost treasures (strategically placed, of course) with prizes for the top hunters.


As one drives to the trail head, it would be impossible not to notice the incredible vistas this journey through the Big Sur hillside offers. The actual 2 to 2.5 hour walk, mostly in flat terrain, traverses one of the lushest canyons within the area, accompanied all the way by the sights and sounds of rushing water. One can truly get a feel for the serene beauty of Big Sur. This walk also features a very special visual surprise provided by Nature herself… let us show it to you…


If the contrast between green and blue excites you, this walk is for you. This walk is the best example of Robinson Jeffer’s famous quote, “Big Sur is the greatest meeting of land and sea in the world.” We first make our way up through a lavishly twisting canyon, overlooking terracing waterfalls, while visually experiencing shades of green that you never knew existed, eventually making our way to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. This walk clearly offers a much more intimate relationship with the nature of the area. After leaving the canyon, we make our way down to the sea, where the land seems to melt into the ocean; and where the seal, otter, and occasional humpback whale might be observed. Never will you see such various shades of blue.


For the guest that is striving to attain that inner peace that only meditation can provide, consider the Meditation Walk, A 3 hour experience that starts with a little yoga..then off to the trail head a 30 minute drive back into the wilderness, with views of the California Coast that only the Red Tail Hawk sees. Upon arrival at the trail head, we will embark upon the trail and traverse the Little Sur River for one hour; silently, while trying to attain oneness with the forest. After one hour we will break for lunch. At this time conversation is permitted. After lunch , a little more yoga, and then the return to the trail head, once again, silently…The rewards from this experience last eternally.


This particular walk glides above the ocean about 80 feet from the sea, on a bluff where we will walk south observing a myriad of both plant and animal life. The smell of the sea coupled with that of California Sage, and a hint of Fennel, are overpowering on this walk. We will then find a path to the seashore… A good part of this walk is spent discovering the various coves that are secretly tucked away throughout this beach walk.


This particular trek introduces you to the Big Sur River, the largest river in the area and specifically shows you two great secluded getaways; a perfect place for a picnic with someone you really care about. If the river is cooperating, we will cross it and search out some beautiful meadows where we might even find a fallen hawk or owl feather. At this point, we head east to view a fairly recent waterfall stunning to the eye… come share it with us… Let us show you the beauty… for the person who might want a tad more exercise, we offer one hike, rather than walk. This hike combines the best ingredients of all the walks in that it provides the added stimulus of sight from 500 feet of elevation! The beauty of Big Sur from this elevation is unparalleled.


Enjoy pulling Bass, Perch, and Cod from your own rock, 200 yards from shore, in Partington Cove, at 7:30 in the morning, with the spectacular views of the Big Sur Coast staring you right in the face, as you enjoy a thermos full of Hot CoCoa or Coffee… Let us provide an experience for you that you will never forget.


This is a driving tour that traverses the Old Coast Road..the original coastal highway…that stretches from Andrew Molera State Park to Bixby Bridge…One would take their own car and caravan following me along a well graded dirt road that offers vistas of the Ventana Wilderness that only Red Tailed Hawks and Golden Eagles have seen…we will picnic along the Little Sur River…we will say hello along the way to old growth Coastal Redwoods…who knows what kind of critters we might find along the way…the vision of the Bixby Bridge with the Pacific in the background makes this experience truly unforgettable…this tour is a photographers dream come true…This tour is designed for someone who might not be attracted to hiking…yet still wants to see the true beauty of the area. We will be happy to show it to you. Reservations required for this tour at 831-594-1742


In this tour we will spend 2 to 3 hours comparing the 5 Big Sur Galleries…this offers a rare opportunity not only to see the art of Big Sur…but to meet some of the artists as well…We will discover the treasures waiting for us at the Hawthorne Gallery, the Coast Gallery, The Big Sur Arts Initiative Gallery, The Phoenix Shop at Nepenthe and The Heartbeat Gallery. This particular experience offers a few surprises including a picnic lunch at a special spot on the Big Sur River. Reservations required for this tour at 831-594-1742


If you are staying on the Monterey Peninsula and do not want to drive down to Big Sur, let us introduce you to the spectacular vistas at Point Lobos. This 21/2 hour trek takes you on the same journey that Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor shared in the SandPiper. It allows you the opportunity to experience the feelings that Robinson Jeffers so often refers to in his writings… it is spectacular beyond belief.

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