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Photos by David Gubernick. Additional Photos: Patrice Ward and Stephen Copeland


Big Sur Guides & Hiking is proud to announce that we are now offering guided hikes in a few select locations in Carmel Valley. You can read about these excursions on the Tours page, and book online.

If you are planning a visit to Big Sur or anywhere on the Monterey Peninsula…Let the Big Sur Guides Concierge, with 50 years experience in the Community, plan the perfect Holiday for you. We can assist you with Hotel Accommodations, Restaurant Reservations, and of course any Activities from Foraging and Night Hikes under the Stars to Whale Watching or Driving Tours. You can easily book on line by clicking the Book Online Now link above or call Big Sur Guides at 1-831-594-1742.

If you are interested in a guided hike or sightseeing tour into the wilderness of Big Sur, and would like some information regarding our different tours and services that are offered; click on Tours. If you are interested in seeing the Travel Channel video on Big Sur and Big Sur Guides; or the CBS show Eye on the Bay, both are available by clicking on Media. If you are interested in what other people who have taken our excursions think about the experience, click on Kudos. If you are lost in Big Sur, or need directions of any kind, click on Directions. And, please, if you are just sitting around and want to experience the spirit of Big Sur, just look at the slideshow on this page you are on now.

Big Sur Guides & Hiking Offers:

  • Concierge Services to help you plan the perfect trip to Big Sur or anywhere on the Monterey Peninsula.
  • Monarch Butterfly Hikes in the Fall
  • Whale Watching & Wild Mushroom Foraging Hikes in the Winter
  • Wildflower Hikes in the Spring
  • Condor Hikes all Summer Long
  • Stunning Hikes and Driving Tours into the lush Big Sur Wilderness Every Single Day of the Year!


  • Private Hiking Excursions – 2.5 hours
  • Half Day Hiking Excursions – 4 hours
  • Full Day Hiking Excursions – 6 hours
  • Specialty Hiking Excursions – VARY

(All of the above available in Driving and Sightseeing Tours on the Tours page)


Big Sur Guides and Hiking is proud to announce that we are now able to offer HELICOPTER TOURS OF BIG SUR AND THE MONTEREY PENINSULA Click HERE for more info at the bottom of the tours page.


If you find yourself in Big Sur or the Monterey Peninsula with a huge desire to play golf, and you are not familiar with the amazing courses on the Peninsula and have no one to play with, Golf with a Buddy is the perfect experience for you. We provide discounted tee times, a golf guide and a lot of fun. Pricing is the same as a Half Day Hiking excursion plus the price of the round.

For the same high quality hikes on OAHU please visit our sister site Hawaii Guides and Hiking
For the same high quality hikes in Monterey please visit our sister site montereypeninsulaguides.com


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